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Let us at make it clear with our customers that we are just into selling the medicines on the behalf of the manufacturing company and as a businesses venture we deliver the products to the customers who want to purchase the prescribed medicines listed on our website. All the medicines listed on our website are prescribed from the best of the best doctors but again we give a clear picture to our customers that we deal with these medicines and make sure your problems are solved through our business but we can’t give you any health guidance because it all depends on the dosage intake and procedure followed to take the medication.

We have seen such cases where the customer has suffered with some negative effects of not taking the medication as prescribed by the experts but as per our policy we have mentioned that if the customer fails to take the medicines as per the prescription by the doctor, is not responsible for any dire consequences.

Since humanity comes in the way we would like to inform our customers that we are always there at your help whenever you start feeling that our medication is going somewhere wrong. You have to inform us as soon as possible -we have the best doctors and experts available who will guide you through the entire process and make sure there are no side effects anymore and thrive their best to help you get rid of any kind of side effects.

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