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Refund Policy

The term Refund obviously sounds good when you have ordered something online and you haven’t received your product and along with it you get an added advantage of free shipping in case you deny for the refund. There are quite a few reasons where consumers claim for a refund and we are enlightening you with those reasons as we get even on the refund Policy and have no wrong communication as such.

Even after a thorough watch on each on every purchase there are cases coming up where the company has to give a refund for the ordered product,. We have always ensured our customers 100% Contentment but in rare case scenario by default the customers is fully liable to take a complete Refund. The refund is liable only on the following criteria :

  • If your medicines, due to any reason reach to you in a damaged condition which can be due to bad shipping associates you can claim your Refund without any hesitation and we are at your service to work on your refund process to satisfy our customers.
  • Another most common reason for which consumers are available to claim a refund is that if the website fails to deliver the product on the given time mentioned by the website itself.
  • We have seen in rare case scenarios where consumers have claimed for a Refund because they ended up getting the wrong medicine (product) delivered at their doorstep. If some of the Shipping Associates fail to deliver the product on the right address, the consumer can totally claim for a refund or the product to be delivered as soon as possible with an added advantage of free shipping at the second time.

NOTE : Any order, if the customer has to cancel should be done within 24 hours and in case if he/she fails to do so then they are not liable to any cancellation policy from us so we suggest our customers to give their appropriate Shipping details in order to receive a timely delivery as products are not refundable unless in special rare cases highlighted above.