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Know The Difference Between Good Pain & Bad Pain, While Working Out.

When a person is in pain, our common understanding tells us that it usually is bad pain, but it is not always the case. Surprisingly, pain can even be good at times. Sometimes being in pain can actually help us to know the limits of our body. And enables us to push ourselves harder to acheive our work out goals. Which in turn helps us, to build our confidence. To make your workout more effective, and to get the best out of it. Making a clear cut distinction is very essential.. So let’s get down to deciphering your body’s language.

To know the difference between good pain and bad pain, first we have to understand what pain exactly is. In simple words, pain can be described as a signal through which our brain communicates with a particular part of our body, which is currently in discomfort. Sometimes, after a rigourous workout, our muscles are particularly sore, and we feel painful sensation throughout our body, but this pain eventually fades away after a day or two, without any need for medication. And surprisingly, after a few days our muscles get in shape, due to this very pain. This process can also be termed as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. This can be considered as 'Good Pain'. Usually this type of mild soreness that lasts not more than 48 hours means you are good to go.

Whereas, on the other hand while working out if we feel our muscles are stretched beyond there capable limit, and a sharp pain arises due to that action. This pain may result in muscle pull or cramp, and may take weeks to be healed completely. Another great example in this regard would be that of doing sit ups or deadlifts, many individuals usually complain about a sharp pain or just after doing deadlifts. This type of pain can be considered as 'Bad Pain'. In such cases pain relievers such as Soma 500mg or Tapentadol pills, may prove to be very useful for a speedy recovery. Sometimes doctor might even suggest a prescription muscle relaxant such as Tramadol tablets (Ultram). Ignorance of pain is usually because a person fails to understand the exact reason for his pain. and in most cases the real reason is that proper diagnosis of the person facing pain is not performed. Normally in many cases where the muscle pain is moderate an individual can take a dosage of Soma medication. And the dosage should be continued until the time the pain is completely eradicated. Taking a dose of antidepressants also might help to ease the pain and fatigue.

Although taking tablets will be definitely of a great help in times of pain and will provide immediate relief. But need to rectify the form or posture should be definitely given a top priority. Doing this will give you great results without hurting your back in the process.

What else can be done to avoid pain?

One should always remember that, doing a proper warm up just before your work out is an excellent way to avoid occurence of pain. Infact, a study conducted by a leading heath institute recommended that, proper warm up is the first and foremost way to prevent injuries that happen with over use of muscles. A proper warm up is one that focuses on movements and stretches, that prepare our body for physical activity such as work out, running, brisk walk etc. It can be done by turning on the muscles that aren’t working, making them flexible and strong. Doing a proper warm up also helps to  ensure the muscles that are targeted are ones that are actually doing the work. Over all we can understand that, we need to take good care if our body and protect it from sudden jerks or wrong posture. We need to listen to what our body speaks to us. By having a look at all these different types of pain, we can definitely know our body in a better manner and be more responsive to its needs from now onwards.

Publish On03/18/2018