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Neuropathic Pain And Treatment By Nucynta

Diabetes causes around 30% of all nerve pain (neuropathic pain), although other disorders such as alcoholism and shingles can also cause neuropathic pain. Medication, physical therapy, psychological counselling, and even surgery may be used in treatment. Neuropathic pain can occur if your nervous system is injured or not functioning properly. Pain can be felt at any level of the neurological system, including the peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and brain. The central nervous system is made up of the spinal cord and the brain. Peripheral nerves are those that go throughout the remainder of your body to organs, arms, legs, fingers, and toes.

Damaged nerve fibers transmit incorrect information to pain regions. Nerve function at the location of the injury may alter. A neuropathy is a malfunction or alteration in one or more nerves. Diabetes accounts for around 30% of all neuropathy cases. It is not always straightforward to determine the cause of neuropathic pain. This type of discomfort is associated with hundreds of disorders and then taking Nucynta became a prime treatment for you. 

Causes of Neuropathic Pain

  • Alcoholism

  • Diabetes

  • Problems with the facial nerves

  • HIV infection, often known as AIDS

  • Stroke and Parkinson's disease 

  • Syndrome of complex regional pain

  • Shingles

Symptoms Of Neuropathic Pain

  • Spontaneous pain (pain that occurs without being stimulated): Tingling, numbness, or a "pins and needles" sensation; shooting, scorching, stabbing, or electric shock-like pain

  • Pain was elicited: Pain caused by generally non-painful stimuli such as cold, light skin touching, pressure, and so on. This is known as allodynia. Evoked pain may also refer to an increase in pain caused by ordinarily painful stimuli such as pinpricks and heat. This is referred to as hyperalgesia.

  • An unpleasant, uncomfortable sensation that occurs spontaneously or is induced (dysesthesia).

  • Sleeping difficulties and emotional issues as a result of sleep disruption and discomfort.

  • Pain that is reduced as a result of a typically unpleasant stimuli (hypoalgesia).

What are the symptoms of neuropathic pain?

Your doctor will collect a medical history and do a physical exam. If your physician is aware of or believes that you have nerve damage, they will identify common neuropathic pain signs. Your provider will then attempt to identify the underlying cause of your neuropathy and track the symptoms.



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Publish On01/14/2023